Friday, July 25, 2014

I have completed a project: a low adapted trike for my students.

This trike is a front wheel drive, rear wheel steer trike.  It is made from parts from two different "Big Wheel" style trikes.  The front end was restored after almost being consumed by rust.  It was left laying out after being covered in salt water during Hurricane Sandy.  The frame length is adjustable to allow it to comfortably fit kids of various sizes.  I teach in a school with special education high school students, some of whom have issues that prevent them from ever riding a regular bike.  I think in this picture, it is set up for a person around 5' 10".  I will probably shorten the extra tubing that sticks out the back and reconnect the brake.  I'm not worried about the brake as it will rarely be used anywhere  but in the gym and it's fairly slow.  Cutting the extra tubing would make it a tad lighter.   

Monday, May 5, 2014

The rumor is has that spring has arrived!  It must be mad bike scientist season!.  Picked up a new project on Saturday. a front wheel drive/steer recumbent tandem.  Another one of a kind vehicle.  I have also picked up new materials for the tank trike and looking forward to picking up the build on that.

Monday, August 19, 2013

  This missing post from last week has a good shot of the front end:  pre-hacksaw.  The front end, slimmed down somewhat, has the alloy wheels with new spindles, and a even lighter steering setup with ht. adjustment.   

The Tanktrike Lives!!! It rides!!!

The Tanktrike Lives.  Dusk on the last day of our trip, Ian test rode it with a unpadded wooden seat form on it.  Brakes work, chain stayed on, steered ok. 
My short term help Gordon who installed the tensioner on the chain.

Next steps:  finish seat, tweak steering, create rear rack/fender,

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Back on Track? This is the latest version of the rear end. The custom seat design is yet to be completed.

 This is the latest version of the rear end with the new FSA bottom bracket and the Xtracycle frame extension.  Tomorrow, I will have the drive train complete and a field test ready tanktrike.  The custom seat design is yet to be completed.  I think it's time to take some measurements.  

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The positives!

The front end now has 20"alloy wheels, an even lighter steerer setup, and brand new spindles.  I have the new rear wheel with shifter etc.  I also have a pile of materials for doing a cool seat. including the black banana seat with a sissy bar.  My brother is coming in next week and I want to have this beast ready!

The new vision !#?%&* ?! or the down and dirty

This project has just had the 40% of the damn thing junked! The parts shown and a rear wheel are basically all that is left.  

The silver and blue frame in this picture will supply the new back half, though I might save the bottom bracket, crankset and rear brakeset.  I'm fairly sure this next step will solve the major problems and a least make it ridable.  This is assuming the new frame fits!  Wish me luck.  I'm waiting once again for delivery of Tanktrike parts.