Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sunday plans for work, chrome chopperproject

Sundays plans are clear
I) Install the heater in the lab
2) unload materials for the heap 'o parts
3) Do initial assembly of chrome chopper bike
4) make shopping-digging out list of additional parts for the chopper.
5) install / adjust rear cables, seatpost, saddle, rack on wife's bike.

I'll post tomorrow on how many items I have completed by Sunday nite.
Tonight, I should load the car with whatever stuff is left to go out to the heap: The chrome frame, some fork candidates and whatever over items I've left laying around. One of the forks I'm considering is a NOS OCC Schwinn Stingray fork and the other is a cheapie 20" suspension fork with triple trees. I want to use the Stingray, which has brakes, brake cable and lever but gotta see what fits. The frame needs a bottom bracket, crankset, handlebars. I have a banana seat and a sissy bar. Wish me luck

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