Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My first post is up. That wasn't too painful. Next: here is a partial list of the projects/bikes/frames/major bits in the collection. In the stable we have:
1) my recumbent, the most comfortable bike I have ever riden
2) My Cannondale Mt. bike the workhorse, I rode it down Mt. Killington in Vt. summer 2008
3) My 10 year old's Worksman Trifecta trike, a work in progress but he loves it
4) My wife's Cannondale Mt. bike another work in progress, upgrades to make it more likely to be riden, more comfortable, easier.

I also have a folding wheelchair frame, a xtracycle frame extension, a vintage columbia folding trike, another recumbent project, seen above, that needs some drivetrain work, a vintage Ross Europa, an early '60s Raleigh Sports, a chrome Dyno BMX frame and too many others to mention. I want to be able for my 3 year old to be able to ride with us or I guess more accurately to be carried by me on a bike or trike.

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