Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Project recumbent status

This summer I bought a Bikee recumbent bike that I made my short daily commute with in September and October. I really enjoyed riding it. The long wheelbase makes it amazing comfortable to sit on and I like sitting more upright. It came well equipped with a large custom bag mounted on the seat, rear suspension, a computer and electric horn. I rode with my son Ian on his Worksman trike just 2 laps inside track at Marine Park. Ready to go needs very little work BUT I also have a short wheel base frame, A short wheelbase Counterpoint Presto since in the attached photo, I tried to built last year and never got the drivetrain right. Another big project: make this rideable, I should have all the bits get there. Two bikes should be the limit I, would probably sell a recumbent and keep the Mt bike. I have been thinking about modifying it to take child seat, trailer, sidecar of something to ride with the 3 year old.

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